Blast, Shock and Impulse Simulation

APT has gathered the world’s best suppliers to provide you with laboratory based Blast Testing Solutions that “blow you away”!

Developing and validating blast resistant design methodologies for structures requires high fidelity data that are repeatable and available in sufficient quantities. Obtaining such data through filed testing with explosives, however, is limited by constraints on cost and time.

Reliable real-time data is very difficult to acquire under these conditions as the test blast renders visual and high speed video viewing of failure processes virtually impossible.

With APT’s customised Blast Simulation solutions, not only will you be able to capture the most critical data comparable to field tests, you will also save material costs compared to using actual explosives in the field. We can also simulate environmental conditions using our bespoke design chambers and incorporating transient data acquisition technology, our solutions make it easy for you to conduct blast simulation testing for structures inside your laboratory!

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