Pin-on Disc and Oscillating Tribotester

In accord with standards: ISO 7148, ASTM G99-95a, ASTM G 133 – 95

  • Applications include Coatings, bulk material, ceramics, metals, polymers, cosmetic, lubricants and oil additives, and others
  • Max friction force of 6 or 12N
  • Linear speed of 38-56520mm/min for Pin On Disc (POD) and 4 to 7200 mm/min for Oscillating Tribotester
  • Rotational speed of 6 to 300rd/min and radius of friction of 1 to 30mm for POD model.
  • Stroke 2,5,10, 20mm for oscillating model.
  • Programmable and fully automated radius of friction from 1-30mm which stores values on the reports
Pin-on Disc and Oscillating Tribotester

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