Customer name: Bridgestone NCR Co. Ltd.

System commissioned: MTS 832 Bushing Durability Test System

Bridgestone is the world’s 2nd largest tire and rubber company (as of January 2009). Bridgestone NCR Co Ltd. is a joint venture between Bridgestone Corp and NCR Rubber, Bridgestone’s sales agent in Thailand.

The plant manufactures 2 main products: rubber-to-metal bonded products and hoses for air conditioning and fluid transmission.

At Bridgestone NCR, testing of fatigue strength of its rubber products is crucial to the quality control and quality assurance process.

The need to determine fatigue properties of its molded rubber products under high frequency is needed to ensure their competitiveness in the non tire rubber products industry.

The MTS 831 Elastomer Testing System was proposed to Bridgestone NCR Co Ltd. Coupled with sophisticated MTS software and accessories chose by BSNCR, this system is working well and greatly helps BSNCR in their quality testing and checks.

APT once again provided BSNCR with another unique, one of its kind testing solution: the MTS 832 Bushing Durability test system.

The design of the MTS 832 system is aimed at:

  • Optimizing system stiffness - to cancel out the effects of vibrations from nearby systems and for greater accuracy of readings
  • Minimizing Lab Space Requirements - to save space for the customer and in the process, adds on to efficient planning of laboratory space for the customer in the future
  • Maintaining a comfortable operator height - ergonomically designed for users to carry out tests safely and without physical stress to the body
  • Being compatible with standard MTS rotary actuators and components - easily replaceable and changeable components.

Simple and yet efficient, this solution from MTS and APT is our third for BSNCR, and a firm grip for APT on the automobile testing solutions market in Thailand. The amount of time, space and labour saved for the customer makes this solution the preferred choice over the competition.

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