Customer name: Ford Motors Thailand

System commissioned: 4 Poster Road Test System with Environmental Chamber

Ford Motor Company is focused on creating strong business that builds great products to contribute to a better world. Likewise, APT is focused on providing solutions that help businesses build great products to contribute to a better world

Ford Motors Thailand required a system that could test the endurance and performance of the automobiles they produce, with less cost and less manual labour needed. APT came in with a solution: a 4 Poster Road Test System complete with environmental chamber.

With the successful commissioning of this system, a whole new chapter has begun in APT, making our mark again in the automotive industry in Thailand.

Together with Climatec Ltd. UK, APT also provided a Walk-in-Chamber for Ford Motors Thailand. This chamber is in accordance with the stringent quality requirements in the automobile industry and we are proud to be selected to work on this project.

With this testing setup, we have cemented our presence in the Thai automotive industry. This successful partnership with Climatec brings about a new range of solutions to APT’s existing range and opens up a new world of opportunities, making it possible for potential customers to find a one-stop provider for all their testing needs.

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